Scuba Dive in Kenya with Aqua Ventures

Diving in Kenya

Diving in Kenya with Aqua Ventures

Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving in warm, tropical waters surrounded by brilliantly coloured tropical fish?

Or wished to encounter the ocean’s huge fish and dolphins close up, or experience the thrill of an encounter with a shark in its natural environment?

Or to see for yourself the fabulous colours on a coral reef, and all the fascinating invertebrates, crustacea and even meet a sea turtle face to face?

Its time you tried scuba diving in Kenya with Aqua Ventures.

Located in Watamu, Aqua Ventures enjoys access to some of Kenya's most pristine and longest protected marine ecosystems and exciting dive sites.

Aqua Ventures plays a key role in local conservation groups, including Local Ocean Trust and Watamu Turtle Watch of which we were founder members.

Aqua Ventures is both a PADI Dive Centre and the only British Sub Aqua Club facility in Kenya having the a BSAC Premier Centre status.

Aqua Ventures is only one of two accredited training centres in the world responsible for training members of the British Armed Forces.

The History of Aqua Ventures

Steve and Helen Curtis

Aqua Ventures is an owner operated company established in Watamu in January 1990.

Steve and Helen Curtis, the proud owners of the company, have successfully managed Aqua Ventures and moulded it into what is considered one of Kenya's leading dive centres.

Steve an ex-military diver from Zimbabwe has been diving in Kenya since 1982.

Helen, Kenyan by birth, has been diving since 1989.

Watamu, being the first established Marine Park and reserve in Kenya, with its superior underwater topography and uncluttered beaches made it the natural location for Steve and Helen to start their business.

From humble beginnings at the Ocean Sports Resort, Aqua Ventures operates three diving boats and has a well equipped diving centre with 3 compressors and over 50 sets of well maintained diving equipment.

Dive Season

Dive sites

Brain Coral

Nice corals and plenty of Marine Life, good for spotting Turtles and rays

Anthias Reef

Beautiful soft coral garden teeming with Marine life including Sea Goldies and glass fish and the occasional Napoleon Wrasse!


Interesting topography with steep drop offs into a sandy channel

Dolphin Point

Nice drop offs and always big schools of Surgeons, snappers and fusiliers. Good for spotting Turtles!

Moray North

A good drop off with plenty of overhangs sheltering critters such as leaf fish, frog fish, crocodile fish and blue spotted rays


Diving only at neaps. 80ft prawn trawler surrounded by schools of fish.

Equipment & Safety


Our crew and fleet have been tested and meet the safety standards of the Kenya Ports Authority.

Our custom dive boats are fitted with sun canopies and easy entry and exit points. They are equipped with depth sounders, radios, navigational devices and safety equipment.

Clean Air

Our Bauer compressors are maintained by Bauer staff.

To ensure the cleanest possible breathing air, purity tests are carried out using our Factair F2235 computer, complying with British standard EN12021.

Cylinders are inspected and pressure tested. The certificates are displayed.


All our staff are first-aid trained and every boat is equipped with marine first-aid boxes with oxygen on board. Supplementary oxygen is available at base on shore.

Our Watamu community ambulance is available and equipped to provide emergency support.

Divers Alert Network

Diving activities at Aqua Ventures are insured and supported by the Divers Alert Network.

Customers are able to purchase diving insurance from DAN through Aqua Ventures.

Locally we have access to two chambers operated by the Kenya Navy.

Other Activities


We have several options of routes depending what you want from your cycling trip. We recommend either cycling to the Mida Bird Hide or to the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, travelling along small winding paths in the shade of the coconut groves and mango plantations to reach your final destinations. It gives the visitor a chance to see a completely different side to the area, travelling past small rural homes and villages, glimpsing a way of life far from the hustle and bustle of the Beach and Watamu Village.

We have various sizes of Trek 4500 Off-Road bicycles with Shimano Gears.

All rides are accompanied by qualified cycle trail leader with vehicle back up, spares and first aid kit.

Kayaking with Aqua Ventures

Our Kayaks are basic ‘sit-on’ kayaks which are very stable, though don’t be surprised if you end up getting a bit wet during your paddle! We can offer you helmets and Life-jackets for safety.

Paddle around Turtle bay in front of Ocean Sports Resort. Practice your balance, paddling technique, and have fun. At low tide you can kayak and snorkel around the sand bank. A perfect family activity.

Guided tours in Mida Creek lasting around 3 hours can allow you to fully enjoy the Scenery and Bird life. Following the tide you will paddle the small channels, which are too shallow for any boat. – A truly magical experience.

Dhow Cruises

Large, traditional, wooden Dhows are used to travel around the approximately 10km of unspoiled and peaceful mangrove-lined waters of Mida Creek. It is the perfect sanctuary for large numbers of birds such as Flamingoes, Kingfishers and Herons. Mida is a wonderful venue for lazy lunches on a deserted beach or for watching the African sun settle in the sky, bringing to a close another day in paradise.

Gede Ruins

Gede was one of the ancient Arab Towns that dotted the East African coast. It dates from the late 13th or early 14th century and was finally abandoned in the early 17th century. At its peak of prosperity Gede had a population of over 2500 people. These ruins are eerie, and in the late afternoon are hauntingly beautiful.

Malindi Shopping

Enjoy a visit to the ancient town of Malindi, including a trip to the colourful local market where tropical fruits vie with wood and stone carvings and local jewelry. There is also the Indian/Arabic area, where all sorts of beautiful fabrics, beaded sandals etc. are sold. The Italian influence in the area ensures a few worthwhile ice-cream parlours/coffee shops and restaurants for those well earned shopping breaks!

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

The Arabuko-Sokoke forest is one of the last remaining stands of virgin coastal rain-forest in Kenya. It contains a number of rare and unique species, including the Sokoke Scops owl and the Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew. There are trained guides available to take you on a nature and/or birding walks where you are bound to see the shrews, and many exotic and colourful butterflies. It is also possible to see Baboons, monkeys, Guinea-fowl and experience the thrill of spotting the tracks of the elusive Sokoke Elephants!

Mangrove Board Walk and Bird Hide

At the far and of Mida Creek is the wonderful Community Project of the Mangrove Board Walk. Here you can meet up with well trained Guides with vast knowledge on the Trees, creatures and birds of the Mangrove Mud flats. Enjoy a refreshing drink of Coconut Water straight from the Coconut and maybe take a trip in a local dugout Canoe.

More around Watamu

Snorkeling, sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing within the Marine Park.

Dolphin Watching Trips

Kipepeo Butterfly Farm is a small community based butterfly farm that exports pupae to Europe and the United States for use in live butterfly exhibits.

Watamu Turtle Watch and marine education centre, since 1997, has been working with the local community in an effort to ensure the survival of the marine turtles in Watamu. They have introduced several schemes including Nest Protection, Net releases (Ensuring Turtles are released unharmed when accidentally caught in fishing nets), School and Village Education and a Rehabilitation centre to care for sick or injured Turtles. It is possible to visit the Centre/ offices and maybe see a Turtle release which is a very rewarding experience!

Bio-Ken Laboratoy and Snake Farm is a small biological research station, owned and managed by James and Sanda Ashe and has been in existence for almost 20 years, during which time they have gained a first class international reputation. They have a live study collection of over 200 snakes of some 30 different species.

Deep Sea Fishing in Watamu and Malindi outside of the Reserves is famous for its big game fishing, and has a good tag and release programme.

For those energetic night owls there are casinos and night clubs in Malindi.

Tsavo National Park

2.5 hour drive from Watamu

The combined area of Tsavo East and West National parks is 21,283 square kilometers (8,217 sq. miles), which makes this one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. To the northwest is an unusually vivid green range of hills, the Chuyulus. It is here that the eruption of Mzima Springs comes bubbling to the surface with anything between 10-20 million liters of fresh water per hour. This makes for a natural jacuzzi for frolicking hippo and opportunistic crocodiles. Endless plains and the Galana river dominate Tsavo East. Tsavo East contains large herds of elephant, prides of lion and cheetah, as well as plenty of the regular plains’ game such as Zebra, Giraffe and Impala.

With the marine park just offshore, diving is understandably popular. Aqua Ventures, at Ocean Sports Hotel, offers guided dives in the marine park and an open-water PADI dive course. The best time to dive and snorkel is between October and March...
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